blackfiregeisha's Journal

10 June 1988

My hobbies are drawing (I'm an artist when I find the inspiration), reading, listening to music, sucking at pool and foosball, watching TV, and about a ton of other things.

My goals and aspirations include getting a job, becoming a real adult (getting my own place, a car, etc.) and possibly attending school to become a massage therapist or a teacher.

I'm 23 yrs old. I like to rant about time travel movies and correct peoples grammar and English (even though my own is less than perfect). I have a blog about how awkward my life is which, just for the record, is prreeettttyy awkward. I LOVE watching horror movies. I like hanging out with my friends, helping care for their horses, and just goofing around and talking shit. I have a fish who died and came back to life once. I have a dog who loves to chew on expensive electronics (She doesn't bother with the cheap stuff).

My taste in music is eclectic at best. My favorite kind of music is classic rock, but I love 90% of everything form the 80's so... I will, however, generally listen to and enjoy almost anything as long as it's catchy. I don't really like country or rap but there are always exceptions.
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