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Jan. 26th, 2012


I can't even think of anything amusing.

Yeah, so. I fail pretty hard at updating here, huh? I wish I could say it's because of my flourishing social life, but I really don't go out much. I'm just a lazy bitch. Sorry.

Karma catches up with you, though. Or me, as the case may be. Today I was getting out of my friends car and almost slipped. He told me to be careful and I was like, whatever. Like you even care if I fall. Aaaand I shut the door and walked away, then he pulled away and I ... slipped on the ice and fell on my ass.

At which point I decided to just sit there, out of spite. Like, yeah, fuck you Ice. You didn't make me fall. I let you trip me because I wanted to sit on your cold, dirty surface for awhile. I like having dirty wet jeans, and an aching ass. You did me a favour. Feelin' pretty dumb now, aren't ya? I even pulled out my phone and started texting, just to make sure that Ice knew I was unaffected by it's douchery.

Mar. 5th, 2011


Oh hai thar

I guess since I've started de-lurking a bit I should post something here, so no one thinks I'm a troll or a sock or something.

So hi! And welcome to my empty journal. I'm BlackFireGeisha,or BFG, or Jay. I'm 22, and I like to draw even though I suck at it :) The reason my journal is empty is even though I have many thoughts... I don't think they are important enough to bother making them public. Nor do I think that if I made them public that anyone would care ^^; I pretty much am just here for the communities I am part of, and for fanfiction. Less fanfics these days, though.

So, doubting anyone will ever be here to read this, but just in case. I'M NOT A TROLL. I'm just a girl with no reason to post.

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